Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

How do you measure, measure a year?

The lyrics from the Broadway musical Rent has always made me tear up as it plays with my heartstrings.  How do you measure a year?

When I reflect on the last 12 months, I am in awe of the change I’ve gone through. I’ve spent 12 months coaching clients 1-on-1 while finishing my upper level coaching education to become a Master Coach, with the newly minted certificate now proudly displayed on my office wall.  It feels so good to have logged hours and hours with my fellow students exploring the delicate and often complex nuances of unraveling unconscious and conscious patterns in each other. It’s bitter-sweet — I’ll miss my sessions with my peers, but I feel accomplished, grateful, and boy have I GROWN.

Working in a field that fulfills me personally, it always takes my breath away when I realize the impact 1-on-1 coaching can have on my clients.  Recently, one of my clients vulnerably shared some gratitude journal entries she had written after our sessions together. Wow.  My heart swelled.  She generously is allowing me to share them with you, because word of mouth and referrals surely is one way to measure impact, isn’t it?

So again, how do we measure a year?  How do we measure the impact we have on others?  Many people might say it’s how much money you make or give, or how many posts and likes and shares you get, or how many exciting places you’ve traveled to or people you’ve met. I choose to measure my impact by these private moments. These personal journal entries – some known, some unknown – that demonstrate we uncover fertile ground in our sessions and the seeds we plant together take root, and grow to permanently impact my clients.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes of love.

My hope for all of you is that you privately mark and celebrate the little changes you make, the pivots and decisions that point you on a path towards wholeness.

So grateful to be a coach…

  • Feel so comfortable with Jill
  • Good talk with Jill, she reminds me to acknowledge my progress
  • Jill says I have grown and becoming more bold
  • Jill is in my life
  • Jill – Amazing health coach – love and trust her!
  • Amazing, positive, energetic Jill – my health coach
  • Jill Felts – always loving
  • Jill – partner in my health journey
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