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I get more out of my sessions with Jill than I have from seeing several psychologists over my adult life.  Jill is able to lead our discussions into areas that enable me to do the hard work to make real progress.”

B., Atlanta, GA

“I had a session of EFT with Jill.  I was not quite sure what to expect and was surprised at how profound her technique was. The issue that was addressed had caused difficulty for me for many years.  I came away from the session feeling a huge burden had been lifted and with a deeper understanding of what I was dealing with. It went from being a problem to a sense of understanding about a situation and relationships with certain people. I feel much more lighthearted and no longer take some things as negative or as personal attacks.  The change has remained with me.  Jill’s ability to go deeper, to ask questions, and to take me through the EFT session allowed that deep transformation.”

– Elizabeth P., Cheshire, UK

“I initially came to Jill because of chronic pain in my side that a CAT scan, ultrasound, x-ray, scoping and blood work were not able to diagnose nor resolve. I had also tried ingestible pharmaceutical solutions for digestive health. Through our 12 weeks together the pain diminished and virtually dissipated. The mind, body, emotion connection is real.  Jill is amazing and effective. As a male client, I felt completely comfortable with her friendly and intuitive approach. She reminded me of a sister or youthful aunt. The sessions were tailored to my needs and provided the insightful input and encouragement I needed to navigate a difficult season of major transition in my life.”

– Leon Williams, Alpharetta, GA 

“I have worked with Jill for three months and am amazed and blessed at all the growth and learning I have experienced in that time.  It’s been transformational on many levels.  I originally came to Jill because a friend knew I was looking for an EFT Practitioner to help me with a chronic health issue, and have been surprised and blessed by all the things that she has helped me uncover and release emotionally and spiritually.  I am more aware of the thought patterns and beliefs that have blocked my growth and healing and have been able to make some very core shifts (and continue to) in my relationship with myself, God and the people in my life.  I am very thankful for Jill’s compassion, wisdom and gifts as a healer and coach.”

– Anne B., Atlanta, GA

“I’ve done lots of healing work on my own, but Jill’s guidance accelerated my progress on some stubborn issues. Her gentle and compassionate approach made it easy for me to welcome my feelings. She held my hand through powerful EFT sessions and visualizations, leading to many breakthroughs. These issues have finally begun to lose their grip on my life. Jill gives it her all and deeply cares about her clients. I’m extremely grateful that I got to work with her!”

– Annie M., Nantes, France

I trust Jill and feel at ease being completely honest with her.   I know she always has my best interest at heart.  She is a skilled listener and “gets” people and their feelings.”

– B.M., Atlanta, GA

“I’ve always wanted to work with an EFT practitioner. This year my chiropractor said I must see one, because some injuries are not physical but emotional and she thought I would benefit from EFT.  A friend recommended Jill. Working with Jill was such a pleasant surprise – she gave me a chance to really work on myself. I feel a better sense of myself, less stress, and less anxiety about life. My chiropractor noticed a definite improvement. Jill really cares about her clients. She’s a bright and gifted EFT practitioner. Grateful.”

– Sihaya B., Hapeville, GA

“I have found our sessions very helpful as we worked on my three goals—improving dynamic family relationships, reaching my health and fitness routine goals, and being organized and ready for my move. You and I focused mostly on the first two. Having those areas of my life going well allowed me to free my mind more for the organizational tasks required for my big move.”

Mary A.,Seattle, WA

“When I think about the changes in my body and mind over the past few weeks with you as my Health Coach, what comes to me the most is that after only my 3rd session with you I noticed how the change in me happened so fast! My reflux has diminished, I’ve lost weight, and I have more ENERGY in the afternoon. This is such a huge change for me, because I have had these issues for far too long. Thank you! I can’t wait to see what changes I have in the future with you!!!”

Jill H., Loganville, GA

“For months before my wedding, I was doing Orange Theory Fitness 3 times a week and trying to eat an 1800 calorie diet (with the occasional extra wine) to get “wedding ready,” and I wasn’t shedding a single pound. I was dumbfounded. Jill introduced me to a regimen of protein-based smoothies as part of our consultation and my body immediately responded, shedding 7 lbs. in 6 weeks before the big day. Instead of shocking my system, I was feeding it the right foods to feel nourished and safe. Very grateful to Coach Jill! I feel beautiful inside and out.”

Jessica, Boston, MA

“The “magic-plate” concept has made such a difference in my life! I stay full all morning into the early afternoon. I used to eat a muffin in the morning and would be starving again in an hour. I’m so amazed that even by drastically reducing my caffeine intake to one cup in the morning, I have sustained ENERGY throughout the afternoon. My skin looks better, I am sleeping better and have more overall energy. Thank you!”

Laura, Atlanta, GA

I feel such peace. This peace is seeping into all my relationships. So very grateful.”

Gigi V., Dallas, TX

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