Meet Coach Jill

Meet Jill

Ever since I was very young, I have always seen the potential in everything and everyone – from a scrawny stray dog to the awkward new kid at school to houses that needed renovations and yards that needed clearing. You name it – I see pure potential.

Of course, my biggest passion of all is helping people of all ages recognize their own pure potential and getting to witness their healing.

I came to health coaching and energy medicine through my own “resurrection” from a physical health crisis that started in 2008. At that time, I enjoyed a boot camp workout 4-5 days a week with friends; I walked in the 60 mile 3-Day Breast Cancer walk with my daughter; I served on two boards; and my inspirational jewelry business was growing which often had me working into the wee hours of the night. All of these things were good things. I was exercising, participating in a cause, serving and running a growing company.

And then… my body crashed. It was painfully freezing up. I received the misdiagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Now in hindsight I know, everything in my body was freezing up to say: STOP.

Oftentimes life sends us a curve ball or kicks us down the steps knocking us out of harmony with ourselves and others. I know. It happened to me.

But I healed.

Healing involves a process of awakening to one’s awareness of the true self – the self without roles, titles, what is owned in life, or masks one wears consciously or unconsciously. As we heal, we increasingly re-member our inward wholeness and our oneness with life and each other. Health is a process of harmony and right relationship within the person and their relationship with others and the environment. We each have the power to knowingly participate in the process of change and growth.

Your body is an intuitive goldmine. It wants to be heard and is always speaking to you. Weight gain, low energy, anxiety, feeling “lost,” feeling overwhelmed, chronic physical pain, relationship struggles are all symptoms of being out of harmony and balance. Pay attention. Symptoms are messengers beckoning you back into balance. Our physical body, emotions, thoughts, and spirit are in constant communication. They are so intricately connected that they cannot be separated.

Health, balance, and happiness are the norm for all of us. When we allow filters of fear, limiting beliefs, doubt, unforgiveness, and worries block the energy flow, we get out of alignment of the natural order. God’s order. The Universe’s order. The Vibrational order. That’s when issues will eventually show up in the tissues.

So, how did I heal? I became very conscious of what I fed myself with both food and thought. Food is energy. Thought is energy. With this new awareness, I weaned myself off medication and I have been healed ever since.

When we work together, I will honor your wholeness because I recognize our human being as an indivisible composite of Mind, Body, and Spirit who innately seeks harmony and balance.

The only thing I ask of my clients is that they dare to be stretched a bit; be fully immersed in the experience; and agree to embrace vulnerability. We release so that we can renew.

As a certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Master EFT Practitioner and Coach, my passion is to help you balance mind, body, emotion and spirit. They’re all spectacularly connected. I am compelled to help you make self-care and soul-care part of your daily rhythm so that you can begin to see your life flowing and flourishing.  It will have a ripple effect in every area of your life.  I would be honored to work with you.

Let’s reclaim balance in your life and release your true potential.

Life Outside Coaching:

My oldest daughter, Jessica, said to me one time, Mom, you know why we all work so well together in our family? It’s because each of us thinks we are the Robin to the other person’s Batman.” How right she is.

I love my Batmans.

I have been married for over 35 years to my best friend, David, who I met while we attended The University of Virginia.  Together we raised two incredible women who are now married to two incredible men.  And I am now a grandma (our first dubbed me “Beeba”).

What keeps me busy outside of coaching?  Learning! I am a lifetime learner. And I love to paint. It is my playdough. I love to hike, and weed, and be in nature where I absorb God’s energy. I love to play… that is why I incorporated my free Laughter Yoga session on Fridays at 11:30 am. We can’t have too much play.

My passion through my coaching work and speaking engagements is to encourage and inspire each of us to see ourselves as God sees us – wonderfully made with our own unique exponential potential.



Let’s work together:

Let me guide you through a series of EFT Sessions to release emotions that are holding you back so you can tap into your inner wisdom. Learn more in FAQs.

Let me guide you through my 90 day Transformational Health Coaching Program (12 one-on-one online consultations with curated information to help you reach YOUR unique health goals.)

I love guiding groups through my 6-week Holistic Habits to Health & Happiness program. Get a group of friends together and let's get these transformative 6 weeks on the calendar so you get curious and motivated about nurturing your body, mind, and spirit.

Invite me to inspire your group in person or online with one of my talks, sharing useful Aha’s backed by research, experiential exercises, and a take home gift.

Talks that I love to give:

Harmonious Homes Start with Conscious Communication

Where Energy Goes - Energy Flows

Overcoming Fear in Uncertain Times

The Art of Receiving

Slow Down to Speed Up Your Metabolism - Vitamins for the Soul

Don’t Buy a Ticket on the Sugar Roller Coaster

Healing Hydration: Beat Fatigue and Heal Your Body

Request more information on any of these Transformational talks.

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