Hear what they’re saying…

“What a great job you did today! I wanted to talk to you more, but you had a crowd around you afterward. You truly have a gift…you give me inspiration to be a better person and have a closer relationship with our Maker.”

– Ellen McCormick, Attendee, Atlanta, GA

“Jill’s talk was great and very informative! I think it really provided some perspective to us about handling stress and how much it really plays a role in metabolism – her tips/suggestions all made sense and were helpful. I took a lot of good notes. I think it would be useful to have her come back and do another presentation.”

– Liz

“I LOVED it! She was fantastic and I really learned some very practical, useful tools. I’m so excited to sign up for my sessions.”

– Lisa

“Loved it so much!! I learned so much that I don’t think I would have if it wouldn’t have been for her talk! Very informative without trying to “shove” a lifestyle onto you like I feel so many health talks do. I would love for her to come back and talk about anything relating to health! Maybe even self-care or something along that line!”

– Jennifer

“I was very grateful to be part of the group today and enjoyed meeting so many dynamic, powerful women!! Burnout is a very relevant topic for female founders/CEO’s, and Jill Felts’ presentation was just the perfect combination of broader insights and immediately applicable techniques to take home.”

– Jennifer Sparks
CEO, American Rescue Associates

“PeopleSourcer had the pleasure of hosting Jill Felts as an inspirational speaker at our 2014 Kick Off meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Jill’s ability to motivate; as well as inspire, is second to none. She has natural motivational ability through personal examples to express the true meaning of success. She gave us the chance to be challenged in our assumptions and see our situation from a very different perspective. Personally and professionally, I believe everyone walked away with a special message. Thank you Jill!”

– Debra R. Laste, CEO PeopleSourcer, Inc.

“I want to say that it was such a blessing meeting you last night. Your presentation was simply inspiring. You motivated each and every one of us! Thank you for challenging us to ask ourselves, ‘Who are you being?’ Just profound.”

– Patrice Green, Women’s Initiative Network Attendee, Charlotte, NC

“I loved her. I want to know more.”

– Mandy

“I had the privilege of hearing Jill speak to an audience of 100 who she captivated for nearly an hour. She is a very authentic and engaging speaker. Her gentle and caring personality comes beaming through when she talks and you can just tell how much she genuinely cares as she shares her stories from her heart. She is a gift from God and as real as they come. I’m enriched and blessed to know her.”

– Michelle Larter, IMN

“Jill brought a great zest and heartfelt testimony to our Women’s Expo as a leadership panelist. She inspired business and ministry leaders to follow God’s lead, stay on course and press through challenges to a level of success beyond their imagination. She’s living proof!”

– Margaret Mitchell, Founder, God’s Love at Work, Inc.

“Wow. I had no idea how much I didn’t know about my metabolism and it’s connection to stress until I heard from Jill today. I’m now ready to try to slow down my pace of eating and reduce my stress level in order to allow my body to do the work it was made to do — digest my food and energize my body! Thank you, Jill!”

– Brooke Dant

“I enjoyed hearing Jill speak at our school. I appreciate her approach to giving each of us a better quality of life. Her insights and suggestions for living a better, fuller, and healthier life are changes I will start making today!”

Kelly Weatherly

Jill Felts recently spoke to our faculty and staff during one of our Lunch and Learn professional development opportunities, and she exceeded all of our expectations! Jill’s presentation on “Slow Down to Speed Up Your Metabolism” was very informative and included healthy habits which could be implemented immediately. Jill is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and shares her extensive knowledge in a way that is both entertaining and engaging. I highly recommend Jill for a speaking engagement!

Ramona Blankenship
Associate Head of School Wesleyan School

I’ve spoken with the staff of…

  • The CDC Foundation
  • Hotel Equities
  • SEDC
  • Points of Light
  • Cooper Holdings
  • Cure
  • Orange Theory Fitness
  • Wesleyan School
  • Influential Women of Atlanta Networking Luncheon
  • …The list is always growing

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