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My Philosophy

Every one of us is wonderfully made. No matter how it feels, no matter what you’ve been through, it’s still true.  You are of great worth… the only YOU ever made.  There is a part of God that is expressed only through you.


Life can be complex and uncertain, and our health (mind, body and spirit) is deeply connected with this complexity. When we have had trauma—whether big “T” trauma or little “t” trauma— unprocessed emotions can get stuck, and when “swept under the rug,” unwanted behavioral patterns and even physical symptoms can develop.


When you work with me, it is never about “what is wrong with you.” Rather, it is an opportunity to release the things that block you – distorted programming and the layers of limiting beliefs that keep you from expressing your true personal power and wonderful self.


As a TCM Master Coach and EFT Master Practitioner, we  will use a variety of energy psychology techniques in our sessions to help you remove these blockages and encourage you to take small simple steps to feel better so that you live better. Whatever your definition of “living better” is… being a patient parent, an understanding and loving spouse, creating that business you want, creating healthier habits, giving back to your local community…


The foundation of my practice is that happiness and good health are the “norm” – it’s how God created us. As we remove the traumas and blockages, the body and mind heals.  Balance, peace and happiness are the natural consequence of that.


What’s keeping you from breaking free?  Let’s work together to release & renew for good.


Let’s start with an introductory Release Renew Breakthrough Session.  I trust that you will receive value from just this one  50-minute conversation.

In this introductory session, we will:

Explore exactly what you would like to be experiencing instead of your current situation.

Discover what your main motivation is for having this now.

Develop a powerful vision for what this means for you and for your life.

Get a clear picture on how to move forward.



Let’s chat to see what might be stopping you or slowing you down from having what you want.


What Results Can I Expect?

Understand What You Need for Self-Care.

You will learn to listen to your own inner wisdom to see what it is telling you and how to incorporate this new knowledge into your daily life in ways that are affirming.  We won’t add more “shoulds” to your life. We’ll use natural approaches to help you feel like you’re swimming with the current instead of against it.

Experience more energy!

Feeling great impacts every aspect of your life. Your life will blossom in unexpected ways when you have more energy, compassion, and understanding of what your body and spirit is asking for.

Transform your knowledge.

Transform this knowledge into SUSTAINABLE ACTION so that taking care of your health (mind, body, spirit and emotion) becomes just part of what you do. It becomes a lifestyle.

Transform your mindset.

Learning to be a compassionate observer of yourself is a practice that brings peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TCM Master Coach and EFT Practitioner?

Life is a tapestry woven together by of our physical well-being, our relationships with others, our relationship with food, and our spiritual connection so I use a combination of methods throughout our sessions:  Health Coaching, Life Coaching and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I was trained in the Transformational Coaching Method (TCM) which focuses on beliefs and behaviors.  This training in conjunction with EFT offers powerful transformation.


As a TCM Master Coach and EFT Practitioner, I help people emotionally heal.  When emotions from past traumas get “swept under the carpet” by minimizing them or ignoring them – they get stuck. It doesn’t matter whether you consciously consider them big “T” Traumas or little “t” traumas, because (no matter which) when they are stuck, unwanted behavioral patterns and even physical symptoms can develop. Your biography truly can become your biology.  Symptoms can show up in many forms:  chronic pain, addictions, phobias, weight gain, unhealthy work ethic, a lack of energy, feeling overwhelmed, suffering relationships, and more. Any one of these symptoms are begging for your attention.  I help you uncover the missing puzzle pieces on your search for balance and ease in both health and life.


As Psychotherapist Mel Schwartz so wisely said, “The most important relationship you will ever have isn’t with your parents, isn’t with your children, isn’t with your spouse or closest friends. The relationship that will impact you far more than any other is with your thoughts. They are your constant companion.” 


*TCM Transformational Coaching Method dives deeper into the psyche of an individual’s beliefs and thus their being.

You mention EFT? What is this?

EFT is the acronym for The Emotional Freedom Techniques – basically an emotional version of acupuncture without the needles. It is based in the understanding that all imbalance or illness has an emotional component. Break down the word emotion and you have “energy in motion.” When the energy gets stuck in the body, symptoms appear.  In my practice, I have seen that tapping on specific acupuncture points helps to resolve emotional blockages faster than just talk therapy.  So, during a session we might stimulate these acupuncture points by tapping on them with our fingertips.


Often in our world we want to sweep the root cause or problem under the rug and ignore it. The problem with that thinking is that the subconscious is still THINKING about these things. The issue does not go away by ignoring it.


Instead, the issue lies dormant in your energy system and takes up space…just as some programs on your computer, that have no value to you, take up room on its hard drive. Eventually you don’t have enough space left on your computer to run your basic day to day operations. The same happens with your body. Past traumas and harmful beliefs take up space in your energy system. Left unresolved you get tired and have cravings or addictions– or worse – get sick or have physical pain. To avoid our computers from crashing, we find the application and open it to see what is going on in there. We can then run a virus scan or just delete it.


With EFT, we’ll do the same with the body. We find the traumatic memory or the harmful belief and we bring it to the surface. We examine it and get to work healing it or deleting it all together.  The premise is that happiness and good health are the “norm” – it’s how God created us. As we remove the traumas and blockages, the body heals and balance, peace and happiness are the natural consequence of that.


Here are a few EFT specific testimonies:

“In one of my sessions with Jill, I was describing a coworker who drives me insane. As I was talking, Jill asked me to check in on my stress level. It was through the roof!  We went through the tapping sequence to calm me down and expel all the negative feelings I was having. While I thought it was meditative, I didn’t expect it to affect much long term.  Until I discovered that it worked! It deleted my negative feelings toward him all together! It actually worked! I spent the entire next day (and the rest of the week) interacting with this coworker and none of those negative feelings were present. It was amazing. Now I use tapping all the time on my own for big and small things. It’s an incredible tool.” – S.C.W.


“I had a session of EFT with Jill.  I was not quite sure what to expect and was surprised at how profound her technique was. The issue that was addressed had caused difficulty for me for many years.  I came away from the session feeling a huge burden had been lifted and with a deeper understanding of what I was dealing with. It went from being a problem to a sense of understanding about a situation and relationships with certain people. I feel much more lighthearted and no longer take some things as negative or as personal attacks.  The change has remained with me.  Jill’s ability to go deeper, to ask questions, and to take me through the EFT session allowed that deep transformation.” – Elizabeth P., Cheshire, UK

You're also a Health Coach?

Yes, I am a certified Health Coach. You can see from my personal story, that my own health crisis is what got me started. What took me deeper into energy work is that the real change that happened in a client’s life was when we dove deeper into mind, spirit and emotion. What I learned is that MATTER follows ENERGY.  In other words, what’s going on inside – shows outside.


Our beliefs determine our behavior and our behavior leads to habits that are unconscious and automatic. I help you get to the root of unhealthy habits so that you can choose to let go of them and replace them with healthy habits. When I work with people on issues of physical health, I most often work with clients for about 12 sessions or more, because it takes time to get to the root and change habits that have slowly crept into your life over a long period of time.  Our three months together is not simply me giving you advice and loading you with a ton of information on healthy choices. There’s TONS of books that you can read to learn that.  Our time together helps you feel safe to get to the root of “why” and helps you tune into your own inner wisdom so that you live the life you choose with more energy and vitality.

I know what’s healthy. Why would I need a Health Coach?

You may not need one.  But if you know what to do and find it too hard or too restrictive, or you haven’t reached your goals…then you may need someone to be there to support and gently stretch you into seeing the choices available to you.  My clients often say that the new habits they adopt were so easy to incorporate. It’s because “small hinges open big doors.”   Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. If you change how you think, then you will change how you feel, and what actions you take. The way you feel helps you take actions that you wouldn’t have before.


You have a default future that will happen all on its own if you don’t make any change.  Is it the future you desire? Transformation begins with you.

What do you sell?

I don’t sell anything.  I don’t endorse or sell supplements or meals.  I help create LASTING habit change in which taking care of the tapestry of your health – body, mind, spirit, and emotion – becomes just part of what you do. It becomes a lifestyle.  So basically you could say I “sell” Transformation.

How long is a coaching session?

We meet for 60 minutes.

Are your sessions in person?

I hold coaching sessions using video conferencing for a couple reasons.

It eliminates the travel time and traffic hassles it takes to meet in person.  It makes our weekly sessions easier to schedule even if it is during your work day. My clients appreciate the ease of finding a quiet, private place to be “present” during our time together.

AND, I appreciate that I can work with clients all over the globe!

If we work together on my health, what type of diet program do you use?

We will not use a diet program.  I have found that most people have outsourced their intuition to big food companies and diet programs.  This is not sustainable. I want you to reclaim YOUR power!


If you are working with me to lose weight and gain energy, you will learn to listen to your own body wisdom to see what really works for your body and how to incorporate this new knowledge into your daily life in ways that are enjoyable. I’ll help you uncover unconscious habits and beliefs that drive you and your habits and we’ll focus on what nourishes you to the fullest in mind, body and spirit.

What if I feel stuck in so many different areas?

I offer a one-time introductory session for a nominal fee of $25 in which we discuss your “Wheel of Life” Assessment.  This assessment is a visual to help you identify where your “tire” may be a little flat… or a lot flat.  There are a lot of areas in life that can get stuck periodically – everything from our relationships with people (including ourselves) to our relationship with food.  Let’s discover what needs nourishing and how we could work together to get you where you want to be. Schedule a Release-Renew Breakthrough session with me. Click here to schedule.

What if I want support for longer than 90 Days?

Growth leads to discovering other areas that want to flourish and I would certainly love to support and stretch you in those areas too.  The beauty of EFT is that it allows for things to safely bubble up and out.  Wonderful self-discoveries are made.   As I’ve said, life is complex and our health (mind, body, spirit, and emotion) are fully intertwined.

Tell me a bit about your Group Coaching program?

My 6-week group program, Holistic Habits to Health & Happiness teaches you that nourishment is much more than just what you eat.  You will learn how stress effects your metabolism and what to do about it, how to balance your blood sugar naturally, and more. By the end of 6-weeks you’ll have a fresh understanding of nature’s plan for your holistic health – body, mind, and spirit.  I also include one 1-on-1 coaching session at the end.  I like to keep groups small (no more than 8) so that we have discussion and Q&A.


The group sessions are live, one-hour sessions using video conferencing.  We’ll have a private Facebook Group to share recipes and more and you’ll receive handouts and action steps.


Encourage a group of 6-8 friends to do it with you and as a ‘thank you’ for sparking change in others, I will greatly discount your fee.  Simply email me to set you up at coachjillfelts@gmail.com.

How often do you lead a Reset–Renew Cleanse or Holistic Habits Group Coaching?

You can always get a group together on your own and schedule with me to lead it.  I love it when friends and/or family start a group together!  You can also use my Coach Connect App to start a Clean Food Challenge or a Reset-Renew Cleanse on your own (see my schedule page for more details). I’ll start a Holistic Habits Group Coaching Program every few months, so watch for the dates listed in my eNewsletter and on Instagram @coachjillfelts

What are your fees?

You are as unique as your thumbprint, so there is not one set program that can be used for everyone.  In my introductory Release-Renew Breakthrough session,  we uncover your current challenges, how they are impacting your life and relationships and how we can work toward freedom from those struggles. Click HERE to schedule a Release-Renew Breakthough Session.


If you need help with something out of my scope of work, I will be happy to refer you to someone I trust.

Please Understand...

Jill Felts is a certified EFT Practitioner and Master Coach specializing in emotional healing with certifications in both Health and Life Coaching. She is not a physician or psychologist, and the scope of her consultation services does not include treatment or diagnosis of specific illnesses or disorders.


If as a client, you suspect you may have an ailment or illness that may require medical attention, then it is your responsibility to consult with a licensed physician immediately. Only a licensed physician can prescribe drugs.


Rather than dealing with treatment of disease, Jill Felts primarily educates and motivates clients to assume more personal responsibility for their health by adopting a healthy attitude, lifestyle, and diet. While people experience greater health and wellness as a result of embracing a healthier attitude, lifestyle, and diet, Jill Felts does not promise or guarantee protection from future illness.


All components of Jill’s programs are not intended to provide medical advice nor to take the place of medical advice or treatment from your personal physician. No part of the information given, or specific health coaching program is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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