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Life can be complex and uncertain, and our health is deeply connected with this complexity.


My coaching practice is based on the Great Commandment: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. And love your neighbor as YOURSELF.” So often we take care of everyone else to the detriment of ourselves. This pattern often happens year after year until either weight is out of control, energy is low, stress is high, or family relationships suffer.


As a Master of habit change I help you recognize and change unconscious, unhealthy habits that have crept in slowly through the years. I will encourage you to take small simple steps to feel better so that you live better. Whatever your definition of “living better” is… being the best parent, the best spouse, creating that business, giving back to your local community…


When you feel better you simply live better. By taking small simple steps, I witness transformation in my clients that brings them joy and freedom. And this new energy has a powerful ripple effect.


I promise you that working with me is not a restrictive, task-oriented program.  That mentality is not sustainable or pleasurable. ☺


I will support and cheer you on, gently stretch you out of your comfort zone, and challenge you to get curious about how you are currently approaching specific areas of your life so that YOU can unlock your TRUE POTENTIAL.  I will inspire you to step into full alignment with who you want to be. Doing this alone can be overwhelming, but my coaching style will help you reach your goals step by step.


Let’s start with an introductory Release Renew Breakthrough Session.  I trust that you will receive value from just this one  50-minute conversation.

In this introductory session, we will:

Explore exactly what you would like to be experiencing instead of your current situation.

Discover what your main motivation is for having this now.

Develop a powerful vision for what this means for you and for your life.

Get a clear picture on how to move forward.



Let’s chat to see what might be stopping you or slowing you down from having what you want.

What Results Can I Expect?

Understand What You Need for Self-Care.

You will learn to listen to your own body wisdom to see what really works for your body and how to incorporate this new knowledge into your daily life in ways that are enjoyable.  We won’t talk restrictive diets, but time-tested natural approaches that work well for you.

Experience more energy!

Feeling great impacts every aspect of your life. Your life will blossom in unexpected ways when you have more energy and satisfaction.

Transform your knowledge.

Transform this knowledge into SUSTAINABLE ACTION so that taking care of your health becomes just part of what you do. It becomes a lifestyle.

Transform your mindset.

Being fully present is a practice that brings peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lifestyle Coach?

As a certified Health Coach & Life Coach, I help people who have gotten out of balance.  When we’re out of balance, we can feel on the “brink.”  Signs of being out of balance can be that weight is out of control, a lack of energy, feeling overwhelmed, relationships are suffering, or more.  Any one of these symptoms are begging for your attention.  I help you uncover the missing puzzle pieces on your search for balance and ease in both health and life.

Life is a tapestry woven together by of our physical well-being, our relationships with others, our relationship with food, and our spiritual connection so I use both modalities Health Coaching and Life Coaching in my sessions.

Put simply, I am a Master of habit change. I help clients unlock the door to change.  They have it within them. As Ralph Waldo Emerson so wisely said, “Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.”

What is your 90 Day Program?

I work with clients in 90 day increments because it takes time to change habits that have slowly crept into your life over a long period of time.  Our beliefs determine our behavior and our behavior leads to habits that are unconscious and automatic. I help you get to the root of unhealthy habits so that you can choose to let go of them and replace them with healthy habits. Our three months together is not simply me giving you advice and loading you with a ton of information.  Our time together helps you tune into your own inner wisdom so that you live the life you choose with more energy and vitality.

I know what’s healthy. Why would I need a Health Coach?

You may not need one.  But if you know what to do and find it too hard or too restrictive, or you haven’t reached your goals…then you may need someone to be there to support and gently stretch you into seeing the choices available to you.  My clients often say that the new habits they adopt were so easy to incorporate. It’s because “small hinges open big doors.”   Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. If you change how you think, then you will change how you feel, and what actions you take. The way you feel helps you take actions that you wouldn’t have before.

You have a default future that will happen all on its own if you don’t make any change.  Is it the future you desire? Transformation begins with you.

What do you sell?

I don’t “sell” anything.  I don’t endorse or sell supplements or meals.  I help create LASTING habit change in which taking care of your health in both body and mind becomes just part of what you do. It becomes a lifestyle.  So basically you could say I “sell” Transformation.

How long is a coaching session?

We meet over the phone for 60 minutes once a week for 12 weeks.

Why are sessions over the phone?

I hold coaching sessions over the phone for three reasons.

1. Over the phone eliminates the travel time and traffic hassles it takes to meet in person.  It makes our weekly sessions easier to schedule even if it is during your work day. My clients appreciate the ease of finding a quiet, private place to be “present” during our calls

2. We find that there is often a “freedom” in a phone consultation versus an in-person consultation.

3. I appreciate that I can work with clients all over the country!

4. However, if you prefer face-to-face … I am happy to have our sessions using GoToMeeting or FaceTime.

What will I eat?

If you are working with me to lose weight and gain energy, you will learn to listen to your own body wisdom to see what really works for your body and how to incorporate this new knowledge into your daily life in ways that are enjoyable. I’ll help you uncover unconscious habits and beliefs that drive you and we’ll focus on what nourishes you to the fullest in mind, body and spirit.

What if I don’t need to lose weight, but I feel stuck in another area?

I offer an introductory call for a nominal fee of $25 in which we discuss your “Wheel of Life” Assessment.  This assessment is a visual to help you identify where your “tire” may be a little flat… or a lot flat.  There are a lot of areas in life that can get stuck periodically – everything from relationships with people (including ourselves) to our relationship with food.  Let’s discover what needs nourishing and how we could work together to get you where you want to be. Schedule a Release-Renew Breakthrough session with me. Click here to schedule.

What if I want support for longer than 90 Days?

I would love to support you! You can choose to schedule another 90 days.  Growth often leads to discovering other areas that want to flourish and I would certainly love to support and stretch you in those areas too.  After 90 days, if you feel you only need monthly maintenance calls over a 12 month period, we can tailor a plan that way too!

Tell me a bit about your Group Coaching program?

My 6-week group program, Holistic Habits to Health & Happiness teaches you that nourishment is much more than just what you eat.  You will learn how stress effects your metabolism and what to do about it, how to balance your blood sugar naturally, and more. By the end of 6-weeks you’ll have a fresh understanding of nature’s plan for your holistic health – body, mind, and spirit.  I also include one 1-on-1 coaching session at the end.  I like to keep groups small (no more than 8) so that we have discussion and Q&A.

The group sessions are live, one-hour sessions using video conferencing.  We’ll have a private Facebook Group to share recipes and more and you’ll receive handouts and action steps.

Encourage a group of 6-8 friends to do it with you and as a ‘thank you’ for sparking change in others, I will greatly discount your fee.  Simply email me to set you up at

What is the Reset – Renew Cleanse you mention?

This is a whole food cleanse to relax your system so you can become more mindful of how you nourish yourself.  It is not a time of starvation and deprivation. Ugh!  There should be no time that you feel hungry during the cleanse.  It is a few weeks (guided by me) dedicated to reduce stimulants and allergens. Often times clients don’t even realize they have an uncomfortable chronic issue that they experience on a daily bases until we remove the irritant.  While many people may not have a food allergy, they may have a food sensitivity that has an impact on their metabolism. Once they feel better it opens their eyes to a new way of eating! I’ll also introduce tips and tools for other cleanse enhancing activities.

It is helpful to experience a cleanse with a group so that you can have camaraderie and support from fellow members.  This is why I create a private Facebook Group each time I lead a cleanse. I also give you access to my Coach Connect App so you have everything right at your fingertips through your phone.  My guided 21-Day Reset-Renew Cleanse ranges from $47 to $397 depending on whether you choose to use the app only or include several coaching calls. Encourage a group of 6-8 friends to do it with you and as a ‘thank you’ for sparking change in others, I will greatly discount your fee.  Simply email me to set you up at

How often do you lead a Reset–Renew Cleanse or Holistic Habits Group Coaching?

I lead Reset-Renew Cleanses and Holistic Habits Group Coaching Programs every few months, so watch for the dates listed in my eNewsletter and on Instagram @coachjillfelts

What are your fees?

You are as unique as your thumbprint, so there is not one set program that can be used for everyone.  In my introductory Release-Renew Breakthrough session,  we uncover your current challenges, how they are impacting your life and relationships and how we can work toward freedom from those struggles. Click HERE to schedule a Release-Renew Breakthough Session.

If you need help with something out of my scope of work, I will be happy to refer you to someone I trust.

Please Understand...

Jill Felts is a certified Health and Lifestyle Coach not a physician or psychologist, and the scope of her consultation services does not include treatment or diagnosis of specific illnesses or disorders.

If as a client, you suspect you may have an ailment or illness that may require medical attention, then it is your responsibility to consult with a licensed physician immediately. Only a licensed physician can prescribe drugs.

Rather than dealing with treatment of disease, Jill Felts primarily educates and motivates clients to assume more personal responsibility for their health by adopting a healthy attitude, lifestyle, and diet. While people experience greater health and wellness as a result of embracing a healthier attitude, lifestyle, and diet, Jill Felts does not promise or guarantee protection from future illness.

All components of Jill’s programs are not intended to provide medical advice nor to take the place of medical advice or treatment from your personal physician. No part of the information given, or specific health coaching program is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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