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Check out these recent studies on the physiological response to Emotional Freedom Techniques & Laughter Yoga

fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging)
Study found that EFT facilitated structural changes in the limbic system and a decrease in food cravings corresponding to the brain changes.

Micro RNA was downregulated
following EFT. Micro RNA plays a role in gene expression and may be factors in depression.

EFT changed a host of physiological markers
salivary immunoglobulin-A (related to immune function), cortisol, resting heart rate, and blood pressure.

Group Treatment with EFT
is Associated with Simultaneous Reductions in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression Symptoms

Therapeutic Benefits of Laughter in Mental Health
Laughter therapy, as a non-pharmacological, alternative treatment, has a positive effect on the mental health and the immune system.


The Emotional Guidance Scale

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