Coaching Sessions Offered

Let’s see if we’re a fit 

In this private introductory session, there’s no fee to meet me.  Let’s see if we’re a good fit. We’ll talk about what you want and what might be blocking you or slowing you down from getting that. We’ll clarify your issues and discuss how we could move forward. No pressure – we’ll just see if we’re a good fit. I trust that you will receive value from just this 45-minute conversation.

EFT Evenings at 5:30 pm (1st & 3rd Wednesday each month)

It is amazing how much we all have in common.

There is phenomenon in EFT called “Borrowing Benefits.” Studies show that simply watching someone else do EFT on their issues, while tapping along with them, can help you reduce the emotional intensity of your own issues. Borrowing Benefits was first noted by EFT practitioners decades ago as they reported that, rather than feeling exhausted after a day working with clients, they were energized. Their own emotional problems seemed to have melted away, even though they weren’t working on the same issues as their clients.

Gary Craig, (founder of the basic EFT process) considered empathy to be a major contributor to the Borrowing Benefits process. He said, “Whenever we do a BB session, we are inevitably collapsing for the person on stage things like guilt, grief, fear, anxiety, trauma, anger and the like. Everyone has collected these things throughout their lives and thus audience members draw their own parallels. For example, they may not have had anger at an abusive father (like the person on stage) but they certainly have had anger over other things (bosses, romantic partners, etc.). Anger is anger and, for BB purposes, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Our systems will draw the necessary empathetic parallel.”
*BB references Borrowing Benefits

What will we do as a group?

We will start by briefly discussing the science behind EFT so you understand the power of this method. In the hour we will have together we should have time for two volunteers to be in the “love” seat to work on their specific issue. It is not necessary to go into deep detail when using EFT so you can feel safe to share with a group. These sessions will not be recorded. You’ll be encouraged to continue to tap on your own at home or anywhere!

Studies have shown that simply taping reduces the stress hormone cortisol by up to 43%. Come join in every two weeks for a calming tune-up! You will receive the video link to the GROUP Session when you sign up.

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6 Private EFT Coaching Sessions

Often in our world we want to sweep the root cause or problem under the rug and ignore it. The problem with that thinking is that the subconscious is still THINKING about these things. The issue does not go away by ignoring it.

Instead, the issue lies dormant in your energy system and takes up space…just as some programs on your computer, that have no value to you, take up room on its hard drive. Eventually you don’t have enough space left on your computer to run your basic day to day operations. The same happens with your body. Past traumas and harmful beliefs take up space in your energy system. Left unresolved you get tired and have cravings or addictions– or worse – get sick or have physical pain. To avoid our computers from crashing, we find the application and open it to see what is going on in there. We can then run a virus scan or just delete it.

With EFT, we’ll do the same with the body. As we tap your “fight, flight, freeze” response calms and you feel safe to allow a traumatic memory or harmful belief to surface. When this happens, its power diminishes or altogether disappears. It’s like a bubble in a boiling pot – it comes to the surface and dissipates into the air. The premise with energy healing is that happiness and good health are the “norm” – it’s how God created us. As we remove the traumas and blockages, the body heals and balance, peace and happiness are the natural consequence of that.

Do I need to know where to tap?

No, you do not know how or where to tap. You will follow me as we tap together. I will intuitively guide our session.

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12 Private Health Coaching Sessions

We will talk about nutrition in many forms. Nourishment is so much more than just what you put on your plate. It’s also what you put in your mind and what you allow in your life. Through this process you will learn how to “slow down” to speed up your metabolism.

Our beliefs determine our behavior and our behavior leads to habits that are unconscious and automatic. Making lasting change does not happen overnight. Small consistent steps will lead you down a path to holistic wellness. Our three months together is not simply me giving you advice and loading you with a ton of information on healthy choices. There’s TONS of books that you can read to learn that. Our time together helps you feel safe to get to the root of “why” and helps you tune into your own inner wisdom so that you live the life you choose with more energy and vitality.

Our 12 weekly private sessions build upon each other as we get to the root of unhealthy habits so that you can choose to let go of them and replace them with healthy habits. Everything is curated for you and EFT is always part of my sessions.

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6-week Group Class – Holistic Habits to Health & Happiness

This 6-week program is upon request only and costs $300 for the program. Holistic Habits to Health & Happiness teaches you that nourishment is much more than just what you eat.  You will learn how stress effects your metabolism and what to do about it, how to balance your blood sugar naturally, and more. By the end of 6-weeks you’ll have a fresh understanding of nature’s plan for your holistic health – body, mind, and spirit.  I also include one private coaching session at the end.

The six group sessions are live, one-hour sessions using video conferencing. These will not be recorded.  We’ll have a private Facebook Group to share recipes and more. You will receive handouts and action steps each week. So that we can have discussion and time for Q&A, I like to keep groups small (no more than 8-no less than 4).

Encourage a group of friends or co-workers to make the change with you!  As a ‘thank you’ for sparking change in others, I will greatly discount your fee.

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Laugh as a Group! (Each Monday at 8:30 am EST)

With Laughter Yoga, we will laugh together for 30 minutes without relying on humor, jokes, or comedy. Science has proven that the body cannot differentiate between simulated and real laughter, so you will get a D.O.S.E. of happy hormones which help to release endorphins.

We’ll start each session with a gentle warm-up which include stretching, breathing, clapping and body movement. Then I will guide you through various laughter exercise. Laughter Yoga not only fosters a feeling of physical wellbeing; it also enhances the spirit and touches the emotional core.  Join in each Monday at 8:30 am EST at no charge.

My (in-person or virtual) Laughter Yoga workshops are perfect for workplace wellness programs, team building retreats, and conference ice-breakers. They are tailored to your workplace needs, helping staff feel energized, focused, motivated and connected while having heaps of fun in a relaxed setting. Download this PDF for more information and email me directly to set something up.